10 Ways Ashbourne’s Payment Collection Will Benefit Your Club

Improved collection rates

By acting as your clubs revenue collector we are able to improve your clubs collection rates by having a team focused on purely this task.  By using our tried and tested method we ensure that monthly dues are collected on the correct date and any non-payments are noticed immediately thus giving us time to address the situation.

Free up your time

By allowing us to perform this task on your behalf we free up your time to spend on other aspects of the club.  Clubs we have taken on used to spend 3-4 days each month sending out payment requests, chasing non-payment and reconciling bank statements just to work out who has and hasn’t paid.  Other clubs who have various collection dates must do this several times per month.  The clubs that don’t do this at all have no idea who is paying and who is not.  The Stevenage club owner has now devoted some of that time to extra marketing of the club

24/7 transactions

By using the Ashbourne payments website any member who falls into arrears is able to bring their account up to date 24/7.  We can also add a join online link to your existing website.

Summary reports available

By outsourcing your payment collection, you will start to receive reports about the collections each month.  From this data, you are able to forecast income trends and be able to plan effectively such as when the best time to carry out promotions, allow staff time off etc.

Retain positive relationships within your club

As with most clubs, you as owners and managers build relationships with your members, if one falls behind on their payment it can be extremely difficult to raise this issue with them.  If, however you are using a third party it removes this barrier and you can continue your relationships.  Similarly, if someone has a problem then you can direct them straight to us avoiding any awkwardness in the gym.  This will also avoid you setting a president that others in your gym can follow.

Reduce club admin costs

By allowing a third party to collect you get the benefit of a dedicated firm whose sole purpose it is the reduction of staff hours cross-referencing bank statements each month, the cost of sending out letters, telephone call with absolutely no guarantee that they will pay at the end of it. Will all be covered by us.

Increase retention

Clubs whose members pay on a month by month basis are more likely to chop and change gyms as there is no incentive to stay, once a regular form of payment is established, they are less likely to move.

Effective debt recovery

Many times we have come across the situation where members know if that if they don’t pay their membership fees they know that there will be no repercussion on them they simply say “what’s Mike going to do if I don’t pay”.  Well, we take this out of Mike’s hands.  Both Mike and the member will know that with us they are entering into a contract.  Both parties know that provided mike holds up his end of the deal then the member is expected to hold up theirs.  If they don’t then we will contact the member and explain the process of how we go about recovering the money owed.


Members want and expect flexibility so rather than forcing them to pay on the 1st of each month we allow members to choose the date of their payment, this will allow members to bring payments in line with their other finances, which in turn results in fewer unpaid or bounced payments.

Allow us to act as your club’s customer service dept.

Our priority is to ensure that the gym member continues to attend your club and we act as part of your own customer services, not just to collect debts.  Our experienced in-house team can see the exact status of each member and our approach is consistent to achieve a win-win situation for the member and the club.


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