How the Ashbourne BI Dashboard Will Make Your Life Easier

Whether it’s keeping track of your most popular classes, your best-selling products or the demographics represented in your customer base. As a gym owner you’re collecting information about your members and their behaviour daily, but are you utilising it in your decision making?

The key is to find management software that displays the data within your gym into an easy-to-understand format, which you can then act on accordingly in ‘fine-tuning’ your business. Ashbourne’s new Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard has been developed for this very reason, giving an overview of key data from within your club to be accessed anywhere, on any device. Management software, however, has little utility if it only helps you understand select areas of your business. This is why unlike many providers, Ashbourne’s software package is fully integrated with live data from the payment status of your members as well as from class bookings, shop takings and more. Live, accurate and secure data that you can trust in making better business decisions.

It’s all well and good knowing the areas where your gym is experiencing shortcomings, but formulating an appropriate promotional plan is another challenge all together. Figuring out what you’re trying to change or achieve within your business (your goals) will dictate how marketing efforts can be made relevant and in turn effective. For example, you may be unhappy with the figures drawn from this month’s till report and so set a goal to achieve a higher net spend from your loyal members. Using the dashboard’s built-in mail tool you can reach-out to your frequent visitors with free protein vouchers and attempt to whet their appetite for future purchases! On top of tracking your clubs till activity, our new dashboard has month by month club performance tracking embedded under the reports tab allowing you to track the number of sign-ups, membership types, any voucher/referral performance and which marketing channels are performing.

The relevance of your marketing activity may also be determined by the method of communication you utilise to achieve your goals. For example, a text message is likely to have a high success rate amongst younger member groups, whilst an email, postal campaign or push notification through your Ashbourne Member app may be more effective in reaching other member groups. As such, you might use the dashboard to separate your target audience based on their age demographics or perhaps their preferred method of contact. Whoever you’re trying to reach, Ashbourne’s BI Dashboard allows you to do so wherever you are and however you like.

As a club owner, having a system that gives you at a glance reporting of every aspect of your business allows you to streamline your clubs strategy to make sure you are doing what is best for your clubs continuous performance.  So many clubs go months or even years running the same ineffective marketing campaigns. Tracking which channels are gaining traffic and which are converting ensure that your marketing budgets are being used as efficiently as they can. Take control of your clubs marketing with Ashbourne’s new Business Intelligence Dashboard. A tool for figuring out what you need to do and allowing you to do it.

If you’re looking for a system that will take your clubs performance to the next level simply get in touch with us here at Ashbourne and a member of our team will be happy to help. You can call us now on 01564 741 837 or, alternatively email at

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