The benefits of our gym software and app for your club.

Fitness technology, such as gym management software, has exploded into the mainstream in recent years. Due to a revolution in sporting technology and a growing interest in fitness, health and general well-being, technology has been able to become one with working out.

With technology becoming so ingrained with every aspect of our lives, most people monitor their fitness through the likes of wearable trackers, fitness apps, and even via their mobile phones. Gym owners have also moved towards online systems to make it easier to manage their facilities, trainers, and members’ class bookings.

This post will show you exactly why our fully integrated app and gym management software is a must have in your gym or sports club by examining just some of its key features…


The benefits of our Membership App for your gym members.


Our fully integrated gym app offers a number of features that will allow the member to get the most from their workout, and most importantly, their membership to your gym.

One of the biggest advantages of our software for members is that they are able to book classes in real-time, through your website, or via its customer-facing app, YourApp+. This will instantly update your gym’s live system, which allows the member to check availability and book a class or workout session with a trainer whenever suitable.

As with all gyms, during busy periods not everyone will be able to book their trainer when they want, which is why we have incorporated a waiting list into the booking system. This automatic system will consider any cancellations and send out new availabilities to waiting members. They can then confirm their bookings via email. This ensures that members are not left disappointed and means that your studio’s timetable runs more efficiently.

Additionally, the app’s ability to work in real-time brings a huge benefit to the members of your gym. This allows members and trainers to communicate and plan, resulting in strong relationships between the two. This is something that is really important to the newer gym goers. The extra communication and support makes the member more comfortable when exercising and more likely to reach their goals.

However, a club app wouldn’t be sufficient in the modern gym if it didn’t allow members to track their workouts! Therefore, we at Ashbourne have ensured that YourApp+ can be used to monitor workouts in visual graphical reports, making progress tracking easier to manage.


The benefits for your gym or sports club.


The aforementioned benefits for members are, of course, also highly beneficial to your club. The simple reason why? Happy members are what makes a gym or fitness centre succeed. Nonetheless, there are also a number of advantages of gym management software that will specifically help you run your gym more efficiently.

First of all, Ashbourne will adopt the role of customer service, dealing with enquiries, payments, direct debits and debt recovery. This gives you more time to focus on the running of your club. Additionally, not only will the club management app be connected to your clubs existing website, it can also be used by members and non-members to book classes. This will boost your secondary income from ‘external’ clients, draw in new members and help to retain current ones.

A further reason that this fully integrated management system is a must have, is because alongside the online class booking system, the software offers staff and facility scheduling. The facility scheduling is very important in large clubs with numerous facilities, such as courts, pitches and studios. staff scheduling is also always important in gyms and health clubs as it is very easy for your trainers to be double booked. Fortunately, our app and software will ensure that the entire club runs smoothly.

Finally, the last handy feature that will be discussed is the automatic gym check-in software. This efficiently tracks all members in real time, while continuously checking their payments. This feature also allows the club to monitor and limit attendance during peak and off-peak times, encouraging more gym goers to sign up to use your gym’s facilities.

If you need any further information on gym management software from Ashbourne, please visit our club software page. If you have any questions or want to find out more about our services, please see our FAQ or contact us.

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