Find Out How Ashbourne Membership Management Can Help Your Club

At Ashbourne Membership Management, we provide world-class payment and membership software to hundreds of clubs across the UK and Europe.

As a club owner, if you’re looking for a more streamlined and cost-effective way of generating sign-ups, boosting customer satisfaction, understanding membership behaviour and successfully collecting payments, Ashbourne Membership Management is here to help.

For over 25 years, our state-of-the-art software has helped club owners to run their gyms and fitness facilities more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Here are six compelling reasons why partnering up with us could be the best move you make all year…


1. Integrated club software & payment collection


Time is a precious commodity a lot of club owners wish they had more of. Our club software system and payment collection service are linked together in real-time for a cohesive and no-nonsense approach that will drive efficiency and which saves you and your staff time. If a member misses their payment, the system will immediately refuse them entry into the club and, what’s more, having all of your members’ information in one place will enable you to track usage reports and retention data to monitor behaviours and find ways to increase your membership base.


2. Complete club software package including branded members app


If you choose Ashbourne, you’ll receive all the software you need to run your club. This includes online sign-up capability, online class bookings, EPOS, a dashboard where managers can send text messages and emails to members, prospect management features, a facility scheduling tool and a branded members app which allow members to track their workout progress and keep in touch with your club.


3. Debt recovery


Trying to chase members for outstanding payments isn’t always easy especially if you run a small independent club.

However, with our in-house debt recovery process, you don’t have to waste valuable time chasing up payments and stress about your club’s finances.

Our tried and tested methods have helped us recover 95% of missed payments for our customers and is a service included to them at no extra charge.


4. Dedicated customer services team


If your members need a helping hand with their memberships, our friendly, dedicated customer service team can handle all of the calls effectively for you. This includes technical support on how to use our software.

This means you don’t have to spend extra time dealing with the financial side of things and can focus on maintaining and improving your facilities instead. Once again, this service comes at no extra charge for our customers.


5. Digital marketing campaigns


Running a fitness club or gym is a relentless job at times. As a result, your marketing can often take a back seat, which stunts growth.

Our team at Ashbourne can provide tailored digital marketing campaigns that’ll drive prospects into the club, follow up with prospects and increase your membership sales.


6. Turnstile/access control installation service


If you want to open up your club for 24/7 access, stop non-paying members from entering and effectively monitor behaviour, a turnstile is a perfect choice.

Our in-house engineers can install a variety of full height and waist height turnstiles that integrate with our club software for a competitive price and ongoing support included.

Ready to find out more? To arrange a free demo of our club software or to find out more about our turnstile installation and digital marketing services, simply get in touch with our team today.

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