Facebook Advertising comes with a huge amount of benefits when it comes to creating awareness of your club locally and, ultimately, increasing your membership numbers.

If you’re not currently using Facebook Advertising to promote your club, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. An opportunity to stand out from your competition and consistently generate new enquiries and sign-ups.

We live in a world where social media platforms are becoming ever more powerful and prominent. In the UK, we spend almost 25% of our mobile internet usage time using Facebook. The sheer volume of people using Facebook each and every day means that it’s a complete no-brainer to use the platform as part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s where your prospects are ‘hanging out’ and, therefore, it’s most definitely where you should be advertising.

And it’s not just the vast number of users that makes the social media platform an essential channel to include as part of your strategy to attract new members. What makes Facebook Advertising so effective is the vast range of targeting options available to businesses. These targeting options mean that you can be extremely focused and precise with what audiences you target with your ads and what messages you use to engage with them. It’s these targeting options which put Facebook Advertising up there as one of the most advanced and powerful platforms for advertising your gym or club.

Want to target people based on their age, their location, their gender, the sports they’re interested in or whether they like going to the gym and keeping fit? No problem. Facebook’s hyper-detailed targeting options guarantee that your ads will only show to the right people. It’s the combination of the sheer number of users combined with an incredible ability to refine who you’re targeting that makes Facebook Advertising essential for any club looking to maximise new member sign-ups and to increase the ROI on their marketing investments.


Use Facebook generally to promote your club or use is more tactically to promote specific offers, deals and unique selling points. For example, you can:


Showcase & generate awareness of your gym or club.

Facebook Ads are a great way to promote your club and your facilities and memberships in general. Carousel and Video ads are an effective ad format to show off your entire club in a way that will be extremely cost-efficient and which potential members will really engage with. Never underestimate the power of creating awareness using platforms like Facebook. If someone doesn’t know that you even exist, how on earth are they ever going to sign up to your club?


Promote your latest offers.

Promoting offers on Facebook is a proven way to generate lots and lots of enquiries and new member sign-ups for your club. Whether it’s simply a discount on membership, a free first month or a free pass, the right offer promoted in the right way is a sure fire way to bring in new members.


Facebook Carousel Ads (above) are a really engaging ad format which allow
you use a range of engaging images and messages as part of the same advert.


Shout about your club’s real selling-points.

Just revamped your gym or started a brand new range of classes? Perhaps you’re less expensive than your competitors?  These are the selling points that you need to shout about and which often differentiate you from your competition. Tell potential members about these things using Facebook Advertising and, used in the right way, it’s guaranteed to help bring new enquiries into your business.


If you’re not using Facebook Advertising at the moment and what some advice on where to start (or if you’re using the channel but not quite getting the results that you’re after) simply get in touch with us here at Ashbourne and a member of our team will be happy to help. You can call us now on 01564 741 837 or, alternatively, simply click here to drop us a message.

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