Gym Membership Management Software

There are 7 key features that are integral to the membership management software required of a modern health and fitness club.

Your members expect a lot from you and you need to be sure that you can deliver those expectations and the service that a modern club member demands.

So before you begin signing up for anything, make sure it has these 7 key features…


Automatic Club Check In And Turnstile

gym turnstile signing in

We’ve already written an in-depth article about the importance of a turnstile system for fitness clubs, but we can offer a quick summation here as it’s first on this list for a reason.

In short, a turnstile is the foundation of how you can begin to automate your gym to not only free up your staff’s time, but also keep your doors open longer and keep track of your members better.

By having a turnstile, it means that someone doesn’t have to be monitoring the doors to check if non-members are trying to get into the gym, freeing up time for your staff to focus on other admin, training members or simply catching up with other tasks.

Secondly, the lack of surveillance and monitoring means that you can keep your gym open longer, which means you can have more members sign up for your gym.

Not everyone is the same and recent studies showed that 20% of Britons go to the gym during night time hours and 25% of Britons complained that they were unable to use equipment they wanted in the gym during peak times.

There’s never been a better reason to appeal to the night owls and offer them unconventional hours to use the gym when it’s quieter, which is completely possible with a turnstile.

And finally, if everyone has to check in through a turnstile, that immediately gives you information on every single member that comes in and out of the gym, giving you an amazing array of data on your members that you’ve never had before. That is the basis of excellent membership management software.


An Online Joining Page

On the subject of automation in your membership management software, let’s turn our gaze to your website.

What may now be a simple online billboard of basic information, can be an amazing way to start getting members to sign up there and then, with the potential for a special promotion to help get them through the door.

A great fitness club membership management software will integrate easily with your existing website to offer a streamlined way for members to sign up, set up a direct debit, make their first payment and head to the gym all within a few minutes.


Online Class Booking

gym class yoga studioWhen it comes to your website being an extension of your gym’s services, let’s not stop at simple payments.

Your modern day members are busy people and the best way to keep busy people engaged is to give them convenience and the ability to plan their day on the go.

An online class booking system as part of your club membership management software is perfect for this as not only does it allow members to book their personalised gym sessions on your site, but it also avoids the nasty surprise of you realising your classes are overbooked at the moment when it’s too late to do anything about it.

A great fitness membership management software allows you to offer online class booking, and even better, it provides you even more of that membership data that allows you to learn about your members.


Your Own Health Club Member’s App

And why stop at just having a website that offers some neat features. A great gym membership management software should also provide your members with their own app, branded with your own club identity, but offering a range of tailor made services.
This application could include:
  • Online class booking
  • Fitness planner and tracker
  • Workout plans
  • Options to upgrade and purchase gym extras
  • Live chat with your gym and club membership management software provider
With this application as part of your fitness club membership management software, you get all the benefits of your own club app for your members, but without the months and high cost of development.


Staff And Facility Scheduling

Your members shouldn’t be the only people to gain from your club membership management software. After all, you still have a fitness club to manage and members are only one part of that. Your staff are a huge part of what makes your gym unique and run like clockwork.

So as part of your gym membership management software, you should also receive scheduling software for your staffs’ rotas, schedules, as well as big news, updates or plans for your facility as a whole, all hosted online so anyone can check it and update it at any time.


Lead And Prospect Management

old man young man exercisingWhen it comes to your membership management software, it’s important not just to manage the members you already have, but the members you have yet to manage.

That was a bit of a tongue twister, but in short, you still need to focus on getting new members in.

That’s why a great health club membership management software will help you track leads and prospects who have shown an interest in your club. Your membership management software will help you take details for any potential members who are interested in your gym and let you stay in touch with them and continue to foster your relationship to convert them into a paying member.

There are many ways to do this, from email marketing, direct mail and social media marketing that your membership management software will be able to keep track of, so you can keep tabs on any potential leads and keep growing your fitness business.


Direct Debits, Payment Collection And Debt Collection

There’s no more important part of a club’s membership management software than your ability to get payments on time, so that your members never have their fitness club service interrupted.

From setting up your direct debits, handling any payment issues and tackling any debt collection issues when they turn up, a great membership management software will allow you to not only keep track of your payments, but gives you a great service as your membership management company continues to handle your payment collection, with friendly, trained and professional staff treating your members with respect and dignity to uphold your club’s reputation


Ashbourne’s Gym Membership Management Software Has All This And More

Now you know what a premium membership management software looks like, it’s now time to meet the provider of it.

At Ashbourne Membership Management, we’ve been handling direct debit collections for gyms and health clubs for over 20 years.

Over our 20 decades of experience, we’ve continued to build and adapt our software and service to the growing demands of an ever changing health and fitness industry.

If you’re interested in improving your club’s offerings and need a world renowned membership management software to handle it all, then get in touch and one of our amazing team will help you discover the perfect product for your health club, leisure centre, gym or studio…whatever you run, we can manage it.

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