Management Software For Boxing & MMA Clubs

State-of-the-art software designed to help you run your facility more efficiently, effectively & profitably.

Membership & Payment Software For Boxing & MMA Clubs

Boxing and MMA are quickly becoming becoming one of the most popular ways of getting fit and in shape. This said, it is crucial that club owners focus on the functionality and management of their clubs. We are continuously working alongside industry experts and club owners to ensure our system meets the needs and more than anything improves the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of the business.

Our all-in-one payment collection and software solution is made up of 13 carefully developed modules, each of which can be tailored to your specific needs.

You can find out more about the exclusive benefits of our software to boxing & MMA clubs below...

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payment collection

We take care of all the membership payments. Any defaulters? We have got them sorted. We can collect anything from direct debits and monthly credit card payments to cash.

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Access control

With a variety of different forms of access control, we have what you want. Our access control links in with the Ashbourne system in real time to show each members statement.

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Track all your clubs data at any time in any place. Our BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboard gives you an at a glance review of your clubs performance..

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Members APP

Fully customised look and feel, our app integrates with the other features of the Ashbourne system. Book classes, track workouts and much more..

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Online Joining

Embed onto your website, allow people to join online rather than in club. Increase your revenues by introducing purchase options throughout the joining process..

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Track your clubs sales using our EPOS Till System. Keep track of what items are selling and the stock of all your items..

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you run the club, We do the admin

"After emerging as one of the most popular areas of the health and fitness industry, Boxing and MMA is a sector we have spent a lot of time evaluating. It has allowed us to develop a product that really will help your club become more secure as well as attract and retain more members..."

Grant Harrison
Sales Director

What our customer's say...

At McCaulay’s Health Clubs and Gyms we utilise the full suite of Ashbourne services. The core payment collection service has served us well for a number of years and the manor it gets done in has been consistently professional and utterly reliable.

We have recently developed our custom APP with help from the Ashbourne team which has enabled our PT's to stay in touch with their clients; it bridges the communication gap between us as the gym and our members.

McCaulay’s Health Club

The dashboard Ashbourne provides shows me which members are at the most imminent risk of leaving the club. With this in mind, I’ve been using the text message feature to contact these members and engage with them before it’s too late. I hate losing members when I could have done something about it, so this is great!

Prime Fitness

Having juggled payment collection companies alongside software providers, I appreciate more than anyone the value of having a centralised provider of management services. If any of my members have a payment query they deal with Ashbourne directly, allowing me to concentrate on running my club.

Gym & Tonic

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