Engaging Your Club Members Whilst in Isolation – COVID 19

With gyms and health clubs being forced to close, it is now more important than ever to provide your members with resources to keep them engaged with your club. This isn’t something you should see only as a short-term fix; the more ways your members’ can engage with your club, the more enhanced their overall experience and satisfaction will be.


We know that many of you are already running alternative methods of training. We can’t express enough how powerful social media and the internet can be if used correctly! Here are a few methods we have seen clubs use across the world as a bit of inspiration:


  • Live Stream Workouts– Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or through video conferencing APPS like Zoom; live streaming is a great tool to reach out to your members! Trainers could run daily classes at the same time every day. Get your members involved and for those who aren’t members of your gym now, it’s a great way to capture their attention and convince them to join when your club re-opens. Live streams can then be saved and turned into video workouts…
  • Video Workouts– Use pre-recorded workout videos to offer your members a form of exercise they can do at any time. Those with children may not be able to join you for your live stream at specific times, so it’s a great way to engage those with time constraints. You can use video through an email campaign to reach only your members or reach out to non-members through social, similar to the live stream workouts.
  • Recipes – Provide healthy recipes to keep your members engaged and to help them carry on their health transformation that they started at your club!


Remember YOU ARE THE EXPERT! Many of your members see you as their source of all information relating to their fitness and health. Use your knowledge to inform your members, give them your recommendations as to what they should do whilst isolated at home. Many people will feel demotivated and give up, do your best to make sure this isn’t your members!


We know this situation isn’t going to be back to normal instantly, so we are currently working on a website filled with different forms of content for you to share with your members. We have updated our APP with an on-demand video library of over 1000 different workout videos – a great resource for you to share with your members whilst away from the club. 

If you would like more information on this or any of the Ashbourne Software Package please contact us at info@ashbournemanagement.co.uk.

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