Implementing An Effective Referral Campaign

The best source of new leads for your club is your existing members. Getting your current members to sell your facility to their friend’s means that the hard work of selling is done for you and best of all, it’s cheap!!

Referral programmes get you new members AND your current members now have training partners and a sense of ownership, therefore increasing retention. Of course, members are more likely to make a referral if there is something in it for them.


How to Implement an Effective Referral Campaign:

  • Purchase a good-looking prize and display it in your reception with balloons and banners to catch people’s attention.
  • Put up signs around the club explaining the rules and that the member who refers the most new members this month will win this incredible prize.
  • Display a list of the members who have referred people to your club, complete with a running total. You will find that if two of your members have referred the same number they will both try to get more new members in order to win the prize.
  • Present the winning member with their prize on the last day of the month – take a photo and put this on display. Include a list of the other members who referred friends and thank everyone for their efforts. Keep this picture displayed for the whole year and then add each new month’s winning picture.
  • Start the whole process again on the 1st of the following month with a different prize of similar value.


How to Ensure Your Referral Campaign is Effective:

  • Start your campaign on the 1st of EVERY month… if you’re slack at starting, your members will not have the confidence to recommend their friends.
  • Always present the prize on the final day of the month and display the winner’s picture around the club. At the bottom write that next month it could be you walking away with the prize.
  • Keep a running total of who is in the lead – this keeps everybody motivated.
  • Start with a few dummy names on the list to kick-start the campaign… no one likes to be the first.
  • Make the prize tangible rather than free personal training sessions.
  • Keep the displays looking fresh – if the balloons go down, GET MORE!
  • Make the winner the person who refers the most rather than having a prize draw – this rewards hard work.
  • To keep the campaign strong in November and December offer an even greater prize such as a trip to Paris.


Generating referrals is one of the most effective ways of generating new members for your club. If you’d like to get some advice on marketing your club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us now by clicking here.

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