Does SMS Marketing Actually Work?

It can always be tempting to assume that your customers are on the cutting edge of technology. Everyone seems to be using Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp, so it must stand that these are the channels that most customers want to be contacted by when it comes to your marketing.

But as the saying goes “the old ways are still the best” and you might be surprised to find out that more traditional marketing methods that have been in use for decades are still the most effective way to get in touch with prospects and convert them into paying customers.

In this short blog, we’re going to take a look at SMS marketing, AKA short service message marketing, AKA text message marketing. And not only will we taking a look at what it is and how it works, we’ll also uncover the amazing data that shows why you need to be using SMS marketing as one of your primary marketing channels.


What Is SMS Marketing & How Does It Work?

SMS marketing promotionSMS marketing in its simplest form, is just a way to send promotional messages to someone in a text.

Unlike emails, direct mail or other forms of marketing, SMS marketing is focused on short and snappy instant promotions. Whilst emails allow for you to send lengthier messages that may include additional information like blogs or downloadable resources, SMS marketing is focused on making the sell.

Of course, SMS marketing like any marketing is there to be experimented with and many businesses do extend beyond simple promotions, but traditionally that’s what works best for SMS marketing.


How Popular Is SMS Marketing?


Plenty of studies have shown that SMS marketing has higher open rates and higher click rates than any other form of marketing communication. On top of that, customers also report that they feel SMS marketing is “safer” and respects their “privacy” more than other marketing forms such as email.

SMS marketing has a good reputation and that’s very important when it comes to getting customers on your side.


SMS Marketing: The Facts, Figures & Numbers

A recent survey by software and programming giant SAP  discovered that 64% of consumers would prefer if businesses marketing to them used SMS more often.

But their findings don’t stop there:

  • 76% reported that they are more likely to quickly read SMS marketing / text message than an email.
  • 70% felt that SMS marketing / text messages were a good way for a business to get their attention.
  • 62% claimed that they would also like to use SMS / text messages in order to communicate back to businesses.


SMS Marketing Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Inbox Email FullDo you remember earlier how we listed all the other messaging methods people use today? After all, it seems like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and other app based messengers are quickly taking over from more traditional SMS messaging.

Well the upside of this is that your customers’ SMS log is relatively clear. Not many companies truly utilise SMS marketing compared to other methods like email, and people are receiving less SMS as part of their communications with friends, since they’re using alternative platforms.

So compared to the regular consumer who can receive hundreds of emails a day, they might only receive 2 or 3 SMS messages a day. This means that every SMS marketing message you send stands out and counts for a lot more.


Get On Top of Your Fitness Business’ Marketing

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