It’s always been important to shape your club around the demands of your members. But with the complications caused by the COVID lockdown and the upcoming restrictions that social distancing will cause when your club reopens, it’s never been more important to keep open clear channels of communication with your members.

With the numerous changes coming your way, you need to be sure that your members are going to be on board with your social distancing measures and connecting with the message you’re putting out.

Using a member’s survey is the quickest and most straight forward way to get an accurate read on who is using your club and what they want from your facility.


Use Our Free Member Survey Template For Your Club

We’ve already done the hard part and created a free member survey template for your club, complete with all the instructions to walk your members through it.

The complete survey covers every aspect of your re-opening process:


  • Get detailed information on your members’ weekly gym usage
  • Gauge your members’ opinions on social distancing procedures
  • Get an accurate breakdown of your members’ demographics to help you target with the right message
  • Provide them with a special reward as an incentive for completing the survey


Everything is built with Google Forms, a completely free and simple way to build high quality and professional surveys.

You can send out a single form to your entire facility and store all of their responses in one single dashboard, with the ability to look at individual member’s responses, or compare the feedback of your entire member base.

You can find our template here, complete with our entire list of questions, pre-written copy to explain everything to your members and a special gift idea to get members clicking into your survey and completing it in the first place.


How To Use Google Forms

Like most Google products, Google forms is designed to be user friendly, look sleek and most importantly, be incredibly reliable.

Here are your simple 3 steps to creating your own member survey using our template…


Step 1: Login to Google Forms & Create A Blank Form

Simply click this link to be taken straight to Google Forms. You might have to log in if you don’t already have a Google account.

You should then be taken to the “Template Gallery”. Select the “blank” template so you can have a blank canvas to start with.

Then open up our Member Survey Template.


Step 2: Copy The Questions & Layout From Our Template

All you need to do is simply copy and paste our questions, answers and introductions to each section of the survey over into your blank template. You’ll quickly learn how Google Forms works and how simple it is to create complex and engaging forms in just minutes.

If you run into any problems, then just check Google’s helpful tutorials on how to use Google Forms.

All of our questions will provide your health club with a great basis to get a well rounded sense of what your members want from your club and of course, you can edit and change as you go to suit your style and needs.

Feel free to run through our template survey as many times as you want in order to get a sense of how it works.


Step 3: Keep An Eye On Your Responses & Adapt Accordingly

As your responses are filled in, Google Forms will automatically pull all the information together into easy to read graphs and charts.

At a glance, you’ll quickly be able to see how your members feel about every issue or change facing your club.

And by adding in a few quality of life questions, you can even find out a few things that aren’t related to lockdown or COVID-19, which can greatly streamline how you run your club.

Prime Fitness Contant Google Forms Examples
At a glance, you get clear information that can drastically improve the way you communicate with your members



Why Member Surveys Are So Important

Many clubs are absolutely terrified of asking their members for feedback. On the face of it, it can seem like a bad idea, as many club owners fear that it creates an impression that they’re unsure of what they’re doing. An even more prominent myth is that contacting your members can actually drive them away, as they are more likely to become aware of their monthly spending with your facility if you remind them that they have a membership with you.

These couldn’t be further from the truth.

Members use your service because they like it and one of the most rewarding things you can do for your members is to look like you’re trying to make your fitness business suit their needs.

That has never been more important than now, when your members are going to be greatly affected by the social distancing rules you will have to bring into place for the second half of 2020.


This is just a short list of ways that our survey helped our own gym at Prime Fitness:


  • We discovered how quickly our members will be returning to the club
  • We discovered a majority of our members will be returning on the first day
  • We discovered people in higher age brackets were more cautious of returning to the gym
  • We discovered that most of our members were happy with temporary limits to their gym usage
  • We discovered how often our members actually use the gym per week
  • We discovered that we could close the changing rooms without upsetting most members
  • Our offer of a free 6 months membership to one lucky survey user increased our social media activity


And the most important thing we learned from the survey…

Every change we made from now on, we could quote the stats that our members are happy with the changes.

It makes it a lot easier to defend your actions, if your members have already agreed with them.


We hope you find the member survey template helpful and that it continues to give you the ability and freedom to truly get a sense of what your members want from your club, so you can be the club that your members never want to leave, through lockdown and beyond.

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