Over the course of a week, your club experiences a significant amount of footfall.

Without an effective entrance solution in place however, inefficiencies occur and problems arise when it comes to managing memberships. More pressingly, it becomes difficult to track who’s entering your club and ensuring that your facility stays safe and secure.

Installing a turnstile system is an effective and affordable way to overcome these problems and provides a low maintenance and affordable solution to make your club run more efficiently, effectively and, ultimately, profitably.

To help illustrate this point further, here are some compelling reasons why your club should consider investing in Ashbourne’s Access Control system…


1. Profitability


This is perhaps the biggest reasons to invest in a turnstile at your fitness club. By implementing this technology into your building, you’ll no longer need someone on reception throughout the day. As a result, this will not only save money on wages, but it will eliminate any non-members from getting past the reception when it isn’t being manned. At Ashbourne, we offer a range of turnstile options to meet the needs of your club so that you can rest assured that the system you choose will deliver the best results possible when it comes to making long-term savings.


2. Utilise staff elsewhere


By removing the need for a member of staff at reception, you’ll be able to utilise their skills in other areas of the business.

This can include:

• Keeping on top of maintenance duties for an improved member-experience.
• Offering a wider variety of classes at different times for members.
• Providing extra PT and one-on-one sessions.
• Focusing on improving your club’s marketing and customer acquisition.


3. Improved membership management


Keeping tabs on non-paying members and monitoring customer behaviour is extremely difficult if you haven’t got a turnstile installed. With fitness clubs often requiring its staff to attend to a number of different tasks throughout the day, membership management usually takes a back seat.

A turnstile is a simple solution. Instead of requiring a member of staff and a computer system to check membership and register a customer’s time of arrival, a turnstile will automatically do this via its access control system. Providing a customer’s membership is valid, up-to-date and approved, the gate will then open. Furthermore, our Access Control solutions link seamlessly to Ashbourne’s Club Software giving you valuable insights into member usage and behaviour at the click of a button which you can use to your advantage to improve retention and deliver maximum value to your customers.


4. 24/7, around-the-clock access


Another great way of boosting sign-ups and improving customer satisfaction is by granting your members access to your club around the clock.

Not everyone wants or is able to use your club during more ‘conventional’ hours. A 24/7 service is a highly attractive prospect for your current members and prospects alike and enables you to provide a real selling point which will ultimately help to drive more sales.

What’s more, it might help reduce overcrowding in your fitness club at peak times as well. In fact, in a recent survey, 25% of Brits said that they’ve gone to the gym and couldn’t use the machines they wanted to because of this issue.

Instead, opening your fitness club up for 24/7 access might encourage peak members to go later in the evening or earlier in the morning. This flexibility will of course drive satisfaction levels up and help to increase retention.


How to choose the right turnstile for your club.


If you do want to invest in a turnstile at your fitness club or leisure centre, it’s essential that you choose the right one.

Here at Ashbourne Membership Management, our Access Control solutions can include RFID technology for added entry control, seamlessly integrate with our membership management software and comes with unlimited support from our team of engineers.

Simply put, it provides a simple but truly effective way to easily transform your club into a 24/7 facility without any fuss or receiving unwanted 3 am calls from members having trouble gaining access.

To find out more about our turnstile and access control systems, simply get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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